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Made in 3D Studio Max 2014 in my class for "Google 20%" which happens on Fridays. So please be patient if you order one. 
I REALLY need money for a school trip in April.…

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Sexy Iggy is sexy~! I mean my gott woman he's just so god damn sexy! The fucking Queen would just simply die from looking at this aweso...


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Im starting a new series called Wolven Story. Im working on the prologues and the Character Profiles. The story is going to have 5 prologues.

First paragraph of the mine prologue:
"This is the time for rebirth. Rebirth of the Earth. The Seasons of Old, being Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter had detoured the Earth due to the humans nature of being power hungry making the Earth beyond the point of saving. So the Gods and Goddess of the Seasons had to bring the Earth to its end and let it rest to be reborn."

So if you like this kind of shit then check here for updates.


Character Profiles:


Raven Wolf
118 deviations
I have a Fur Affinity account so you should watch me on that to…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)

There is a Wolven Autumn clan in the North-West lands called New Haven. The clan has gotten much smaller over the years. The weather this year was cold and hard and the Christians have invaded the clan once again. This has been happening for years. In one of the huts that the clan members lived in was a man and a woman and they're a few weeks away from having their first child together. The male Wolven is named Ourkum, he's the strongest warrior in the clan. His fur is jet black, his hair is gray and his eyes are green. The female Wolven is named Shin, she's one of the clan healers and one of the better ones, she's one of the granddaughters of Arai the chieftain of the New Forest clan which is the main Autumn clan that protects The Tree Of Autumn. Her fur and hair are white and her eyes are blue. Shin is dying from a fatal illness that has been taking the clan members lives along with the cold. The Christians brought the illness over killing them waiting for one of the Wolvens to give up and bring them to the Tree and give them The Stone Of Autumn.

Shin is laying in bed wheezing and gasping while Ourkum is holding her hand and cooing to her. "You're going to live…" He cooed softly kissing her cheek. She looks up at him with a sad smile. "Please… You don't have to keep lying to me… I know there's a huge chance I wont make it… You know how weak my health is…" She gasped out weakly. He sighed sadly knowing that he will lose her soon to the illness. "I know love… I know…" He said sadly. "I'll help you in anyway I can…" He strokes her soft cheek gently. She sighed tiredly. "Please… Just help our baby… I want my child to live…!" She cried out weakly as she starts choking up. Ourkum gently pulls her into a hug and cradling her tightly in his strong arms. "Shh… Its going to be okay my love…" He cooed to her softly rocking her. "I'll get us out of here and bring you to your grandfather and to your other siblings in New Forest." He whispered in her ear making sure that the human Christians doesn't hear him. Shin has 5 other siblings. She looks up at him weakly with shock. "But how…? They got the whole clan locked in…!" She said as she starts coughing up blood. Ourkum gets her to calm down. When she's calm he rests his forehead on to her's. "We'll sneak out. I've seen the others sneak out in the night while I was on watch. As much as I don't want to leave my home clan we have no choice now but to."


"Shh my love. Rest now you and the baby need it." He said softly as he gently lays her down and watches her fall asleep. "Love you…" She said weakly and quietly as sleep takes her once more. "Love you to Shin…" He said kissing her cheek and starts packing up.

Later that night he sneaks out of the feinted fortress that use to be his home and heads out to New Forest with Shin in his arms and their belongings on his back. Its colder out, he hasn't been out for a hour and his hands are numb. Its too cold out for anyone to go to New Forest, but he knew he had to get her to New Forest, for her's and their babies sake. He bundles her up and starts walking to New Forest. He knew that it would take a few days to get there by foot. A while later he finds a cave. "I should camp here for the night." He said to himself. He gets into the cave and sets camp up. He lays Shin down and starts a fire. He feels her forehead. "Her fever got higher…" He said sadly and lowly. He watches over her threw the cold night. In the middle of the night he sees someone coming into the cave. It was another Wolven male who had white fur. He gets a closer look and he sees that its his older brother, Tom. But something seems off about him. His eyes are pitch black instead of golden brown, and a part of his head is shaved. The shaved part of his head had stitches. "Tom? Is that you?" Ourkum asked worriedly. Tom runs to him with a knife in his hand. Ourkum moves out of his way and keeps him away from Shin. "Tom calm down! Its me Ourkum!" He cried to Tom as he pins his older brother down. Ourkum sees a small bump on the shaved part of his older brothers head. Ourkum thinks that whatever that bump is its making Tom act this way. He knew that Tom would rather be sentenced to death than hurt him or his family. "Im so sorry brother…" Ourkum whispered softly as he grabs Toms head and starts bashing it in the ground.

He kept bashing the bumpy part of his head on the ground until Tom snapped back to his old self. Ourkum stops the bashing when he saw Toms eyes go back to that golden brown color he knew in love. Tom looked at Ourkum in a daze until his seances came back to him and realizing what he was about to do to him and his family. Tom starts whimpering. "Im so sorry Ourkum…!" He cried out sadly. Ourkum pulls him up and brings him into a hug. "What has happened to you brother?" Ourkum asked him sadly. It took Tom a few long moments before he could answer. "They promised me that they would help my family if I went thru with it…!" Tom started to cry into his chest. "Who promised you? Who did this to you?" Ourkum asked worriedly rubbing his back.

Tom had to calm himself before he could tell him his story. "When the illness came into the clan by the human Christians invaded us, the illness got to my wife and daughter… I tried everything to make them better, but nothing worked and the cold was slowly taking them away from me along with the illness… I became desperate so I went to the human Christians and asked for their help. They told me that they will help them if I went with them. They made a chip and needed test subjects. So I agreed to go threw with it… The next day they put my family in this big black metal box with black circles and went away while I was put into another one of those black metal box and that was the last time I saw them… On the night before I got to the lab, I had a horrible nightmare. My wife and my daughter were in a feinted in area with others who were suffering from the same illness… I saw this metal ball falling from the sky. It was no bigger than your wife's pregnant stomach. When it hit the ground a blinding light came out of the metal ball and it burned anything in its path. I saw my wife and child burned alive… I was in the lab when I woke up. I asked the humans about my family… They told me that they are dead… They've been burned alive, and that's all I remember…" Tom sobbed into Ourkum's chest.

Ourkum teared up after hearing that. He hugged Tom tighter. "Im so sorry…! I wish I could have helped you…!" Ourkum cried out softly. Tom grabbed the knife and stabbed himself in him chest. Ourkum looked down seeing the blood staining Toms snow white fur.

"T-Tom! Why?!"

"I want to be… With them again…" Tom gasped out.

"But you still have too much to live for."

"No… No I don't anymore…" Toms tears rolled down his face. "Im a slave now Ourkum… I gave my freedom away…" His eye color started to fade. Ourkum gave him a sad sigh and brings him near the fire. Ourkum watched Toms life leave his eyes. "Ourkum… Please… Promise me that… You wont make… The same mistake… As me…" Tom wheezed out as his breathing gets weaker. Ourkum held his brothers dying hand. "I promise Tom… I promise…" Ourkum sobbed out sadly feeling his own tears rolling down his face. Tom gave him a sad smile and squeezed his hand weakly.


"Yes Tom? What is it?"

"When I die… I want you to skin me… And give my fur to your wife… And I want you to cook my body…"

"Tom no! Im not going to do that to you!"

"Please Ourkum… You need to think about your family now… Your family needs food, warmth, and money…"

"But Tom-?!"

"Please Ourkum… Do it… Im sure you can make some money… By selling my meat and bones to the Nauer-Raven clans… So please Ourkum… I won't be needing my body anymore…"


"Make sure you save… Some of my meat… For your family…"

"I will Tom… I will…"

"I love you Ourkum…"

"I love you to Tom…"

Tom gave Ourkum a weak yet peaceful smile as his life leaves his body and joins his family once again. Ourkum cried holding his now dead brother tightly in his arms, crying into his chest, getting blood all over his face.

Shin woke up the next morning seeing Ourkum cooking some meat. She sits up weakly and looks around wondering where she is. Then she gets into a violent coughing fit. Ourkum hears her and goes to her quickly holding her. She rests her head on his chest. "Ourkum… Where are we…?" She asked, weakly snuggling into his body for warmth. Ourkum wraps his brothers fur around her. "We're on our way to New Forest. I set up camp in here. I'll be getting ready to head out soon." He said as he hands her some meat. He watches her sadly seeing that she's too weak to eat as much as she needs to. Ourkum starts packing up again once they're done eating. Shin tries to stand up. Ourkum catches her just as she's about to fall over. "Shin you need to rest I'll carry you." Ourkum said with concern in his voice. Shin weakly gets on to her feet after a bit. "Its okay Ourkum I can walk. Besides you look like you had a long night. Did you sleep at all last night?" She asked worriedly seeing dark bags under his eyes. "I couldn't sleep… I had too much on my mind… Anyway you shouldn't be worrying about me. You worry about yourself and the baby." He said sadly rubbing her stomach gently. Shin puts her hands on his. "You are my husband and the father to our child… I love you very much and I worry about our baby just as much as I worry about you…" She said kissing him lightly as they feel the baby kicking. "Our child is just as worried about you as I am Ourkum…" She said sweetly as she puts out the fire. Ourkum smiled at her sweetly back as he throws the bag onto his back and they head out.

They've been walking for days. Shin's illness keeps getting worse. They go to an inn that was run by a few Naure-Ravens. Ourkum has Shin sit near the fireplace in the lobby. He then goes to the checkin counter and rings the bell. A middle aged male Naure-Raven comes onto the side of the counter. "Yes, can I help you?" Asked the Naure-Raven. "I would like to have a room for two please. For the night." Said Ourkum being worn out for the long walk. "Hmm… Let me look." Said the Naure-Raven as he looks threw the guest book. "Ah… We have one room left… How money do you have?" He asked. Ourkum puts his bag on the counter and pulls out the Wolven meat and bones. "I don't have any money, but I do have meat and bones from a strong and healthy Wolven. I know its not much but please take it and let me and my wife stay here for the night please. My wife is very sick and she's going to have a child in a little over a week. Please she needs rest." Ourkum begged the Naure-Raven. The Naure-Raven looks over and sees Shin gasping and holding her stomach about to pass out. He watches her for a few moments then he looks at the meat and bones. Its been very hard for the Naure-Ravens to get food these days. After a little bit of thinking he looks at Ourkum. "Alright I'll let the two of you stay here for the night. I'll show you to your room."The Naure-Raven said as he grabs Ourkum's belongings and brings him to their room. After Ourkum puts his things away he goes back to the lobby and joins his wife at the fireplace, bringing her close to him. She weakly snuggles into him gasping weakly and coughing badly. Ourkum rubs her back gently as a female Naure-Raven sits across from them. She younger than the male one Ourkum met earlier. The half her face is wrapped in gaze with a bloody spot over where her right eye is. "H-Hello…" She said shyly. "Hello." Ourkum said giving her a warm smile. "Whats your name?" He asked nicely. "I-Its Shana…" She said shyly once again.

"Its nice to meet you Shana. Im Ourkum and this is my wife, Shin."

"Ourkum… Shin… Where are you from?"

"We're from a clan called New Haven."

"Oh… Is it nice there?"

"It use to be before the human Christians came and started killing my people with their illnesses. My wife caught it and now she's dying for it."

"Im so sorry… I shouldn't have ask…"

"Its okay please don't worry about it."

"Okay… So where are you two headed?"

"To New Forest so she and the baby can get the help they need."

"I see… I can tell she's getting worse."

"I know she is… But I have to get her there… Anyway where did you come from?"

"I was from Old America. I was a slave there being forced to work as a nurse."

"I see… My older brother was a slave but he killed himself so he could be with his family again."

"I'm not sure if I ever had a family. I was born into slavery."

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to you?"

"My owner beat me when I couldn't save one of his children. So I ran off and came here to work as a nurse."

Ourkum sighed sadly then he looked down at Shin worriedly feeling her whole body go limp in his arms. "Shin?!" He asked worriedly. Shana goes to Shin and looks her over putting her hand on Shin's forehead. Shana gasps then looks at Ourkum sadly. "She has a dangerously high fever and she fell into a coma…" Ourkum gasps and holds Shin tightly. Ourkum and Shana brings Shin into their room and lays her on the bed. Shana gets a small bowl of cold water and a small towel. The Naure-Raven gets the towel soaked, then she rings it out a little bit and puts it on Shin's forehead gently. "Will she come out of the coma?" Ourkum asked Shana worriedly and sadly. Shana just gives him a really sad look. "Theres a huge chance that she won't and that she and the baby will die in the coma…" She said very sadly and quietly. Ourkum looks at his sick wife sadly holding her hand gently. "How long are you two staying here?" Asked Shana. "Just for tonight… Is there anything I can do to help her?" He asked sadly. "Theres not much we can do for her or the baby… The only thing we can do is try to get her fever to go down… But I'll do anything I can to help her live for tonight." Shana said giving him a small sad smile. "Thank you…" Ourkum choked out with tears rolling down his face. Ourkum didn't sleep that night. He took care of Shin threw out the night, trying to get her fever down. In the morning while the people who run the inn are still asleep, Ourkum grabs their things and his wife, and leaves the inn.

A few more days later they finally got to the clan of New Forest. He was very tired and his wife is still in a coma. Ourkum goes to the chieftains house and knocks on his door. The chieftains house is next to The Life Tree Of Autumn. Arai answers the door. Arai is the chieftain of the clan of New Forest. He’s has gray fur and has long hair thats also gray and his eyes are gray to. Arai gives them a shocked and worried look seeing one of his grandchildren in such a state in Ourkum's arms. "Please come in." Arai said worriedly as he moves out of their way. Ourkum goes in and lays Shin on the couch. "What has happened to my granddaughter?" The chieftain asked worriedly. "The human Christians, they invaded my clan and bought a fatal illness into the clan. Shin caught it and she's dying from it. She fell into a coma a few days ago when I got to an inn. The nurse who was working there said that theres a huge chance that she and the baby will die in the coma…" Ourkum said sadly holding his wife tightly in his arms. Arai gasped and looked at her sadly. "She has the weakest health in the family…" He said sadly gently kissing her forehead. He then looks up at Ourkum sadly.

"Ourkum… Did you walk all the way here?"

"Yes I did… I had to get her and the baby out of there…"

"You must be tired then… Please go to the guest room and sleep."

"I cant… I have to watch her."

"I'll keep an eye on her for you… Now please rest you look like you haven't slept in day."

"I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to. I'm just too worriedly about Shin and the baby…"

"I know…" Arai said sadly as he brings Ourkum upstairs and into the guest room. Ourkum lays down and looks up at the sealing. A few moments later Arai brings Shin to the guest room and lays her down next to Ourkum. Over the next two days Arai, Ourkum, and Shin's siblings have been watching over her. Ourkum was sitting beside the bed gently holding her hand. He kept dozing off until he felt Shin squeezing his hand weakly. Ourkum wakes up quickly seeing her eyes opening. Shin looks at Ourkum weakly giving him a weak smile. He gives her a sad smile seeing her eyes dull yet glossy. "Ourkum…? Where are we…?" She asked as she starts coughing weakly. Ourkum held her tightly yet gently. "We're in New Forest now love… I'm so glad that you're alive…" He said kissing her sweetly. Shin looks around in a daze as her siblings came in. Morgan, Shin's oldest brother gasped seeing her awake. He ran to her and held her tightly. "Thank God you're alive!" He cried out happily kissing her forehead a few times. Shin snuggles into him weakly. Cassie, Shin's oldest sister runs out of the room and gets Arai in there. Arai gasped seeing her awake. Shin looks at her grandfather giving him a weak smile. "Grandpa…" She gasped out weakly. Arai goes to her and holds her hand. "How are you feeling dear?" He asked worriedly. "I'm good…" She said as she starts panting. "Shh sis you should rest…" Morgan cooed to Shin as he lays her down. Shin curls up in the bed sheets. Ourkum is stroking her cheek gently.

Then one of the clans warriors came bursting in with panic written all over the warriors face. “Chieftain Arai! The human Christians are invading us again, and they already killed over half of our warriors and now they're taking our children!” The warrior cried out. Arai got up instantly after hearing the horrifying news. “Ourkum come with me at once!” Arai demanded as he heads out the house and tries to gather up the remaining warriors in the clan who can still fight. “I’ll be right back love.” Ourkum cooed to Shin kissing her then goes off with Arai. When Ourkum got out there he stood there with a horrifying look on his face. Seeing most of the warriors lying on the ground wounded and dead, and he sees the children being taken out of their homes and being shoved in big black metal boxes that his older brother told him about before he committed suicide. He runs to one of the black boxes and prys the doors open getting the children out and getting them to where the warriors are being gathered to so they would be safe. Some of the warriors are getting gathered, but most of them including Ourkum are fighting and trying to drive off the human Christians. Once the human Christians have been driven off and got the children to safety they join with the other warriors to go over a plan to drive them off for good. “We have once again driven them off, but they did a lot of damage to our numbers… We lost a lot of our warriors during this invasion… And now they tried to get our children…” Arai said sadly. “At least the children are safe again…” Shiya said in the same tone of voice that Arai used. Shiya is Arai’s second oldest grandson. Ourkum looked a the children sadly seeing most of them crying and whimpering as they are cowering in the corner. "But why would they go after the children…?" Arai asked looking at the children. The other warriors sits and thinks about what has happened and some of them want to kill the humans who tried to take their children away from them.

Then Ourkum remembered that the humans made a chip and what it tried to do to Tom. Ourkum stands up. "I think I know why they were trying to take them for…" All of the warriors looks up at him. "My older brother told me that he gave himself up to the humans to save his family. He told me that the humans made this thing called a 'chip.' This 'chip' goes into your head somehow. The humans needed test subjects. I don't what it was really meant for, but on the night I ran from my home he tried to kill me and my dying wife… I think they want the children to be their next test subjects." The others gasped. Some of the warriors goes to their children holding them tightly trying to comfort them. The others are still looking at Ourkum to see if he has anymore to say, and he does. "He also told me that they made this metal ball thats no bigger than a woman's pregnant stomach. It gets dropped from the sky. When it hits the ground a huge blinding light comes out of it and it burns everything in its way.” Most of the warriors faces went pale with fear after hearing that. They never have heard of such a horrifying thing before. “WE NEED TO GET THEM AWAY FROM HERE NOW! IF THEY DROP THAT THING HERE THEN WE’LL ALL DIE AND THE TREE, GOD, AND GODDESS WILL BE GONE!” One of the warriors yelled out now panicking. The children cried and held on to their fathers tightly crying into them.

“Yes you need to do it now. There camp is only a few miles away from here, and yes they do indeed have those ‘metal balls’ with them.” Everyone turned to the sound of the Raven sounding voice. A very old Naure-Raven was standing in the entrance of the hut that the meeting is being taken place in. Arai stands up and goes to the Naure-Raven. “Gandalf is that you?” Arai asked getting a closer look at the Naure-Raven. The Naure-Raven nodded giving Arai a small smile. Gandalf also known as 'Gandalf The Black' is a 200 year old Naure-Raven Wizard. He's friends with Arai. They hug each other. “Its been too long my friend.” Gandalf said patting Arai’s back. After a few moments they break the hug and Gandalf goes to the rest of the warriors with Arai right behind him. Everyone looks up at Gandalf seeing him about to talk. “They are planning on dropping it on the Life Tree in a few days. Which means we need to go there now before they can even get the chance to get them set up.” They all nodded and starts getting ready to head out. Ourkum goes up to Arai. “Arai… Can I have some time with Shin before I go?” He asked with some sorrow in his voice. Arai nodded letting him go to her knowing that this may be the last time he’ll get to be with her before she has their baby. Gandalf watches Ourkum seeing him walking to Arai’s house sadly.

“Arai, isn’t he one of your grandson-in-laws?”

“Yes he is, he’s married to my youngest granddaughter Shin.”

“Oh, how’s she doing?”

“Not so good… She’s on her deathbed and she’s pregnant… It's most likely that she’ll die having this baby…”

“Im so sorry to hear that…”

“I always knew that she may die from something like this… I should get my warriors ready…” Arai said sadly as he heads out, but gets stopped by Gandalf.

“You need to stay here with her. I’ll go with the warriors.”


“No buts Arai. I know its getting to you. You won't be that much of help in the state that you're in. And Shin needs you with her till her very end.”

"Thank you…"

Gandalf nodded as he starts squawking orders to the warriors.

Ourkum got to Arai’s house and goes to the guest room where Shin is. Shin is lying on the bed gasping in her sleep and her oldest brother Morgan is sitting beside the bed watching over her. Morgan looks at Ourkum after a moment or two. “Morgan I need to be alone with her of a bit…” Ourkum said looking at Shin sadly seeing that she’s getting worse. Morgan nodded as he got up and left the room. Ourkum sat in the same spot where Morgan was. He strokes her soft cheek gently. Shin woke up feeling him. She gives him a weak smile. Ourkum pulls her up gently and brings her into his arms.


"Shin… How are you feeling?"

"Good… Now that you're here with me…"

"Thats good to hear… Shin I need tell you something…"

"What is it Ourkum…?"

"The humans attacked the clan this morning. They killed most of the warriors and they tried to take the children away. And they have a very powerful weapon with them. So I have to go with the remaining warriors and stop them. I'll be gone for a few days…"

Shin started to cry hard into his chest. "Please…! Don't go…!" She cried out weakly. Ourkum rocks her gently trying to calm her down. "Shh… I'll come back… Then we can be a happy family… You, me, and our little baby…" Ourkum cooed to her kissing her. Shiya came into the room. "Ourkum we have to go now…" He said to Ourkum sadly seeing how upset Shin is about this. Ourkum looked at him nodding then looking back to Shin. Shiya goes to her and holds her. "Don't worry sis we'll be back. We love you very much sis." Shiya cooed to her kissing her cheek. "I love you to… Both of you… Please come back…!" She cried out weakly. "We will love… We well… I love you…" Ourkum cooed to her kissing her a few times then he rubs her stomach. "And I love you, our little one…" He cooed to their unborn child kissing it a few time then leaves with Shiya to join the rest of the warriors. Cassie went to Shin as go to the window and watches them leaving. Shin was cry loudly into Cassie's chest not wanting Ourkum to leave. Arai came into the room seeing her sad. He goes to them and brings the two of them into his arms rocking them gently. Shin buried her face into Arai's chest as soon as she can't see Ourkum anymore. "They will come back… I know they will… The God and Goddess are watching over them and protecting them…" Arai cooed softly to the girls. Cassie lays her down after Shin calms down. Shin whimpers as she drifts off to sleep. Arai watches over her while Cassie went downstairs to help make dinner.

Shin woke up the next day. She sits up feeling the baby kick. She giggled lightly as Arai came in. She looks at him with a weak smile. "Hi sweetie…" He said as he goes to her and hugs her. "Hi grandpa…" She said back as she weakly snuggles into him.

"How are you feeling sweetie?"

"Good grandpa…"

"Good…" He said softly kissing her cheek. She grabs his hand and puts it on her stomach. They feel the baby kicking around a lot. Arai chuckled lightly. "I see the baby is happy today." He said happily feeling his great-grandchild moving around. Shin tries to get up weakly.

“Shin you need to stay down.”

“I want to… Get up grandpa…” She finally got up after a few tries. Arai sighed as he helps her down the stairs. Shin sits in one of the rocking chairs that is next to the fireplace. She rocks herself gently while rubbing her stomach. Morgan goes to her and kneels down beside her putting his hand on her stomach. Shin smiles down at him.

“The baby seems really happy today hu, Shin.”

“It seems so.”

“How are you feeling?”

“I'm good Morgan.”

“Thats good to hear sis. Do you need anything?”

“No not right now thank you.”

Morgan got up with a smile and goes out and takes care of some things. Shin sat there for most of the day. Arai goes to her seeing her watching the sun begin to set. “Hi sweetie.” He said kissing her forehead. She looks up at him with a weak smile then she felt something wet coming out of her. She looks down seeing a poodle of water under her as a sharp pain goes threw her whole body. Her water broke and she’s now in labor. She screams in pain holding on to Arai. Morgan runs in hearing her screaming. “What happened?!” He asked worriedly. “She’s in labor! Get a few blankets and pillows and follow me!” Arai barked out as he picks Shin in his arms heading to the Life Tree Of Autumn. Morgan nodded quickly getting the blankets and pillows, and follows Arai into the Tree. Once they got into the Tree, Morgan lays down the blankets and pillows and Arai lays Shin down gently. Morgan goes to her and holds her hand while Arai gets in front of her where her baby will come out. Shin holds his hand tightly yet weakly gasping and crying in pain. Morgan coos to her softly. Arai looks up at her sadly seeing her about to die. “Alright Shin its time to push…” He said sadly giving her a sad smile. She cries in pain as she starts pushing. She looks up at the opening in the Tree above her. Her strenght slowly leaves her being as her soul slowly moves on to the Spirit World. Arai watched her sadly then looks up seeing the sunset. “God and Goddess of Autumn… Please help my granddaughter by lending her strength she needs to have her child…” Arai prayed softly looking at his dying granddaughter. As if they heard his prayers her pushing gets stronger. “Thats it sweetie keep at it. Your doing a good job.” Arai said happily seeing the baby slowly coming out. She keeps pushing until her baby came out.

Arai picks up the baby as soon as the baby came out. Arai’s eyes widen with sorrow seeing the baby turning to ash. The baby is born with Lunar sickness, the sickness slowly turns the victim into ash and dies. He looks at Shin sadly seeing that she’s already gone. Morgan closed Shin’s eyes as he cries silently. He then looks at his grandfather sadly seeing the baby dying in his arms. Morgan goes to him and cries on Arai’s shoulder while Arai is cooing to the baby sadly. Then they see two white glowing silhouettes walking to them from the center of the Tree. One took the form of a buck while the other one took the form of a female human. Arai and Morgan gasps knowing who they are. They are the God and Goddess of Autumn. They look at them as the Goddess walks up to them. She looks at the baby sadly then she looks at Arai with her arms out. Arai hands the baby over to her thinking that was what she wanted. She holds the baby closely as she brings the baby to the center of the Tree and lays the baby down on a pile of leaves gently. Then the light from the sunset shines on the baby as the Goddess strokes the baby's cheek making the dying baby glow. Arai and Morgan watched them hoping that they can save the baby. Moments later they hear the baby cry. The God blows the ashes off the baby revealing that the baby is female. The Goddess puts a pendant around the babies neck, wraps her in the fur of The Guardian Of Autumn, and brings her back to Arai.

Arai looks at his great-granddaughter happily then he looks at the God and Goddess wanting to thank them, but they're already gone. He looks back at the baby. She has her father's jet black fur and has her mother's snow white hair. Her left eye is green like her father's and her right eye is blue like her mother's. Arai kisses the baby happily. The baby girl giggles grabbing Arai's finger. He and Morgan gasped seeing the cut on his finger that he got while cooking one night getting healed. They look at the pentend the God and Goddess gave her. It turns out that they gave her The Stone Of Autumn. The Stone is in the shape of a maple leaf and the colors of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns surulere around. Morgan looks at Arai.

"Grandfather… Do you think that the God and Goddess had plans for her before she was even born?"

"I'm not really sure Morgan, but I think they want her to be a healer… Just like her mother…"

"Shin…" Morgan said sadly looking at his dead sister. Arai to looked at her sadly. The baby coos happily looking up at the sunset and watched the leaves fall being carried gently by the wind. She giggles loudly as one of the leaves falls on her. She grabs it in her tiny fists and waves it around. Arai and Morgan looks at her happily seeing Shin's baby happy and alive. "She's already like her mother… A joyful little soul…" Arai said as he kisses her cheek and looks into the sunset. "Its very pretty I know little one." She yawns stretching snuggling into her great-grandfather and drifts off to sleep. Morgan sighed and kissed her cheek lightly. Arai puts his hand on Morgan's shoulder.

"Shin is at peace now… She not in pain anymore… She'll never be in any kind of suffering anymore Morgan."

"So… What are we going to do with Shin…?"

"We'll cremate her like she wanted to be… So we could all have her ashes with us… And her fur will be given to her daughter…"

"Alright grandfather…"

They have her funeral the next day during the sunset. Most Wolven clans tradition for funerals is that the whole clan gathers around the person who has died to get their respects and to say their goodbyes. Then the body gets skinned and taken cared of. The traditions are different between and males and females. They have the choice to either have their body buried or get cremated. If a male wishes to get buried then he'll get buried with his family married or not married. If the female wishes to be buried then if she's not married she'll be buried with her birth family, if she is married she'll be buried with her husbands family. If a male wishes to be cremated then his ashes can either be again buried, have the ashes be poured around their home, or have the ashes be put in a few little bottles so their family can have it with them. This also goes for married females, but if the female is not married then her ashes gets sent to her birth family and to her home clan if she moved. They also have traditions for their furs. Its very disrespectful to bury or cremate the dead with their fur still on them meaning that the living never wants their dead loved ones to be near them anymore. The male fur are given to his mother and father if he's not married, if he is married then his fur will be given to his wife, but the fur will be given to his child if he died shortly after his child was born. The same goes with the females. After everyone said their goodbyes to Shin Arai goes to her body and starts to skin her. Morgan was holding her baby standing with his sibling watching their grandfather skinning her sadly. Arai cried silently as he skins her. Some of the clan members gets wood and sets it up for when her body is ready to be cremated. After he's done skinning her he wraps her whole body in a traditional cloth that the dead gets wrapped in when they get buried or cremated. Her sisters spent all night making her the cloth. After Arai wraps her up he lays her body down on to the wood. "I love you sweetie… We all love you… There's no need to be worried anymore now… Rest in peace Shin…" Arai said softly as tears rolled down his cheeks like heavey rain. He kissed her forehead getting up and sets the wood on fire. He goes to his grandchildren and great-grandchild watching Shin's body burning. One of the clan memebers washes Shin's fur, but only washed euongh to get the blood off not her sent. When it was cleaned and dried the fur is given back to Arai. Arai wraps the baby in her mothers fur and holds her closely. The baby giggles snuggling into it. He chuckled lightly looking down at her. She looks up at the sky as the stars starts to come out as the night begins. "Your mother is up there watching over you and your father little one…" He cooed to her seeing her trying to grab the stars. He sighed. "Im sorry sweetie… The stars are too high up for anyone to reach." He said smiling sadly at her. She huffted then looked to the side to see her mothers body burning. Arai has her looking back up at him and the sky. "You don't need to see that now…" He cooed to her sadly. She yawns and goes to sleep. When Shin's body is nothing but ashes her ashes gets put into 8 small bottles. One for Ourkum, one for the baby, two for Shin's sisters, one for Morgan, one for Shiya, and one for Arai.

A few days later the warriors comes back but only a few came back and they've been burned badly. The wounded warriors are in the healing huts getting healed by the healers. Arai goes to Gandalf with the baby sighed happily that Gandalf didn't get burned. Gandalf looks at the baby with a light smile.

"Gandalf… Are they okay?"

"Besides the burns that they got they'll be okay."

"Thats good to hear."

"Yes it is… But most of them were killed during the battles…"

"Did Ourkum and Shiya make it?!"

"Ourkum did, he's only suffering from the burns, but Shiya didn't sadly…" The Naure-Raven pulls out a small cloth and unfolds its revealing a very burned ear. "This is all I could find of him… I'm so sorry…" Gandalf said sadly. Arai looked at his ear sadly.

"So I see Shin already had her baby. Did she…?"

"Yes… She did die… Her funeral was held yesterday…"

"Im so sorry… I wish I could have helped her… So is the baby a boy or a girl?"

"She a girl."

"Whats her name?"

"She doesn't have one yet. I'm going to her to Ourkum so he can meet his daughter."

"I see I'll bring you to him then." Gandalf said as he brings Arai and the baby into one of the healing huts that Ourkum is in. Gandalf moves the hanging clothes out of their way. Arai sees Ourkum laying on the bed breathing hard being in deep pain. The bottom part of his right cheek, most of his left arm, and most of his torso has been burned. His burns are wrapped with cloths so they don't get infected. There crystals around him to help him heal spiritually. Ourkum wakes up hearing someone walking up to him. He sees that its Arai with the baby in his arms. Ourkum sits up quickly seeing the baby. Arai smiled at Ourkum. "Hi Ourkum… Would you like to meet your daughter?" Ourkum nodded and Arai hands him the baby. Ourkum looks down at his child happily then he looks at Arai again. "Arai did Shin make it…?" Arai gave him a sad look handing him two small bottles with her ashes in it. "She didn't… She died as soon as the baby came out… I'm so sorry…" Arai said sadly. Ourkum tears up seeing his wife's fur wrapped around his daughter. "Can I have some alone time with my daughter please…?" Ourkum asked sadly. Arai nodded and leaves the two of them alone.

Ourkum looked down at his baby holding closely crying silently. She snuggles into her father while sleeping. Ourkum gave her a sad smile as he gently strokes her soft cheek. "You have your mother's hair…" He said feeling her hair. The baby wakes up looking at her father. "Well hi sweetie. Did you have a nice nap?" She giggles wiggling around happily. He kisses her cheeks making her giggle louder. "Your just a happy little girl, ain't you?" She coos and babbles happily grabbing one of his burned fingers into her tiny fist. He winces but then he gasps seeing her heal his finger. She waves his finger around then stuffs it in her mouth. Ourkum chuckled lightly pulling it out. "Thats not food sweetie." She reaches up for his face and grabs his nose. He nuzzles her gently then they hear screaming from across the hut. The baby starts crying loudly. "Shh…" He coos to her rocking her gently. She still keeps crying being scared badly from the screaming. Ourkum starts sings a lullaby to her. It was the lullaby that Shin use to sing to him when he had a hard time sleeping when he got back from battles.

"Oh winter, oh midnight

A wolf howls in the mist

Down there she stands under the cold


Midwinter sky

Now she is alone

Deep in the forest with her lullaby

In the cold midwinter

Searching for warmth

The end is close."

He looks at her seeing her calming down. She coos lightly as she slowly drifts off to sleep. He smiles down at his child. “You look just like your mother…” He kisses her forehead. She snuggles into him in her sleep. Some of the warriors pecks in seeing him happily looking down at his first and only child. Arai comes in and sits on the edge of the bed. Ourkum looks at him happily. “She doesn’t have a name yet. I waited for you to come back so you could name her.” Arai said stroking her cheek. Ourkum took a few long moments while looking down at her as he thinks of a perfect name for his daughter.

“Xion… I’ll name her Xion…”


“It was my great-great-grandmother’s name.”

“I see… The name suits her well…”

Ourkum nods as he lays down placing his daughter next to him. He wraps his arm around her so she doesn’t roll off the bed in their sleep. “You do know that Shin is at peace now… Always watching over both of you...:” Arai said as he pulls the blanket over them. “I know…” Ourkum said quietly as he falls asleep. Arai left the hut as soon as Ourkum fell asleep. He then makes his way to Gandalf who is waiting for him in the consol hut. Arai gets to the hut and sits across from Gandalf as he starts a fire.

“So Arai, how did it go with Ourkum?”

“Pretty good.”

“Did he name the baby yet?”

“Yes he named her Xion.”

“Xion? I have met a Xion once… She was from New Haven. She was a very great healer.”

“He named her after his great-great-grandmother.”

“I see… Its still a very nice fitting name for her.”

“Indeed it is… Now tell me, why are you really here for?”

The Naure-Raven sighed as he got up. “Its about the child… The God and Goddess indeed made plans for her, years before she was even conceived.” Gandalf paces around Arai. “They want her to be a healer, but not just any kind… She and she alone was given the task of being the Great Healer of the Gods and Goddess of all Seasons.” Arai shot up looking at Gandalf with wide eyes being shocked by the news. “My God…! S-So thats why they saved her and gave her the Stone Of Autumn.” Gandalf looks back at Arai.

“She must be protected at all coats. If any Christian finds out about her and her gifts, they’ll surely kill her and take the Stone for themselves, human or naure.”

“So what should I do to protect her from them?”

“Have her stay in the Clan, don’t let her leave and make sure one on knows about her powers or the Stone.”

“Alright but I can tell Ourkum? She is his daughter after all. He goes have right to know.”

“You are right, he needs to know. You may tell him about it, but make sure only the three of us knows about it. Do you understand Arai?”

“Yes I do…”

“Good, we can't trust anyone even our own clan members these days.”

“I know… I should go check on Ourkum and Xion…” Arai said as he heads to the huts entrance. “Oh by the way Arai. Expect to see me around here for many years. Xion is going to be my new student.” Arai looked at Gandalf from the corner of his eye and gives him a small smile, then he goes to the healing huts. He goes to Ourkum seeing him playing with Xion. Ourkum looks up hearing Arai coming in while Xion is pulling on the fur on his face. “I see you have your hands full Ourkum.” Arai chuckled lightly as he sits on the bed. “Yes she is.” Ourkum said wincing feeling her pulling on him. Xion is giggling loudly.

“Ourkum are you well enough to stand up?”

“I should be why?”

“Because I need you to talk to you about a few things in private. I need you to come with me.”

“A-Alright…” Ourkum gets up, picks up the baby and follows Arai back to his house. They go into the baby’s room that use to be Shin’s. Arai looks around before he shuts the door. Ourkum kisses the baby a few times before he lays her in the crib. Arai goes on telling Ourkum about his daughter being The Great Healer for the Gods and Goddesses of the Seasons.

“I see… My little girl is a healer… But I thought that The Great Healer was supposed to be born in 500 years from now.”

“Thats what we all thought but I guess they need The Great Healer so soon…”

Xion starts crying. Ourkum picks her up and rocks her gently. “Hey what's wrong sweetie?” He cooed trying to get her to calm down. “She might be hungry. I’ll go get her a bottle. We’ll continue this discussion later.” Arai said as he gets her a bottle.

Ourkum and Xion have been living with Arai in the clan for 16 years. She became a healer just like her mother. She’s been learning from Gandalf for years learning how to be a healer and how to use her magick.
Wolven Story Prologues - Autumn
1 out of 5 prologues in the Wolven Story series.

The reason why spelt magick with a "K" is because most Pagans/Wiccans/Witches spell it like that to separate the "magic" that magician's use from the magick the Pagans/Wiccans/Witches practice and work with.

Main - Completed
Spring - Coming Soon
Summer - Coming Soon
Autumn - :star:
Winter - Coming Soon


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